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GNU Emacs FAQ For MS Windows GNU Emacs FAQ for MS Windows. This is the FAQ for using GNU Emacs on MS Windows, as distributed with Emacs 26.2. This FAQ is maintained by the developers and users of Emacs on MS Windows. If you find any errors, or have any suggestions, please send them to the help-emacs-windows mailing list. [Emacs-diffs] dynamic-modules-rc2 ae901dd: Add external modules branch: dynamic-modules-rc2 commit ae901ddbfff04e8b1b0d63c452a6ca3f4c81fb17 Author: Aurélien Aptel Commit: Ted Zlatanov Add ... Emacs Mini Manual (PART 3) - CUSTOMIZING AND EXTENDING EMACS Emacs has a package manager to make the task of installing, update and removing easier, as well as inform users new packages created by the community. Emacs gets a list of packages from sources, called package archive. Package archive is the same as repository in Linux. Currently, there are 3 package archives in Emacs: GNU Emacs Manuals Online - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

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Dec 1, 2009 ... Org-mode is an emacs mode that provides, among other things, an outliner .... (node next-node stack) (:documentation "Anything not in another node ends up ... (defmethod shared-initialize :after ((node delimited-node) slots &rest args) .... (in-package :cl-org-mode) (defclass lisp-docstring (org-parent-node) ... Emacsair! Many new releases Oct 31, 2018 ... No longer split the repository into multiple Melpa packages. ... and its name can be different from that of the slot, which previously was not possible. ... match is found outside of a string or doc-string, then continue the search. Pylint Documentation - Read the Docs

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EmacsWiki: Dynamic Binding Vs Lexical Binding Jul 31, 2018 ... Simulating Lexical Binding in older Emacs Versions ... But EmacsLisp is single-threaded so that's not a worry.) .... 'pi' , and 'float-pi' and declare 'e' and 'pi' obsolete, but without a make-obsolete-variable (i.e. only in NEWS and in docstrings). ... 'foo-test' actually references a shared, hidden value slot. CL-ORG-MODE : A Parser of org-mode outlines - Common-Lisp.net!

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+SLOTS are the initialization slots used by `initialize-instance'. This static method is called when an object is constructed. It allocates the vector used to represent an EIEIO object, and then elisp - Modifying docstring slot of an existing Emacs Lisp ... For various reasons I've been forced to use Emacs git master for development. In this version I'm regularly getting lots of warnings in the form. No docstring slot for tags-lazy-completion-table No docstring slot for etags--xref-backend No docstring slot for gnus-intersection No docstring slot for grep-compute-defaults ... EmacsWiki: Doc String A doc string might explain to a user what a function or variable is for, what possible arguments a function understands and what it returns, what other functions or variables the user might be interested in, where to find more information and so on. Doc strings are defined when you define the function or variable. Elisp: Doc String Markup - ergoemacs.org

Is it possible to set the docstring of a an already defined Emacs Lisp function ... The No docstring slot for ... warnings are your problem, not the ...

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Generic Functions - GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual The Emacs generic functions closely follow CLOS, including use of similar names, so if you have experience with CLOS, the rest of this section will sound very familiar. A generic function specifies an abstract operation, by defining its name and list of arguments, but (usually) no implementation. How to modify-face for a specific buffer? - Emacs Stack ...